Jenor have been working with Ihsan since 1995 and are able

to supply a huge range of products. Ihsan Sons were

established back in 1947 and have been committed to being

a 100% export facility for the last 50 years or so. They have

a workforce of around 2500 and have excellent technological

facilities at their plants in Karachi and Lahore. 

It remains a family business now in its fourth generation.

Please see below the range of products available from Ihsan Sons.
Should you wish to see a sample of any of our products, please
Contact Us and we would be happy to discuss your requirements. 

In December 2005, Ihsan Sons became the first bleacher in the world to start production

of a 100% cotton spunlace line producing fabrics in the range of 30 – 70gsm.

We are able to offer a variety of widths from 5 cm to 200 cm.

We are also accredited to the Global Organic Textile Standard

for both nonwovens and bleached fibre.


We have a wide range of qualities to suit every customer’s requirements

and if needed will produce new qualities to customer’s approval.

The fibre applications for our bleached material are in the healthcare

and medical industry. All our cotton can be provided

to any of the world’s Pharmacopoeia standards.

We are able to supply the following styles of yarn

• 100% Cotton Yarn in both bleached and unbleached form,
Open End or Ring Spun on the very latest technology, counts from
Ne 3’s to Ne 36’s twisting and doubling also available.

• Polyester / Cotton Yarns in a variety of different ratio mixes, Open End or
Ring Spun on the very latest technology, counts from Ne 3’s to Ne 36‘s
twisting and doubling also available.

• Regenerated Cotton Yarns, typically containing 85-90% cotton and 10-15% other fibres.

• Non-optical Bleached 100% Cotton Yarns are produced to the very highest world

Pharmacopoeia standards predominately for the medical and femcare industry.

• Optical Bleached 100% Cotton Yarns are produced for the spinning industry,
predominantly going into the manufacture of bleached stockinette or dishcloths.

Mop yarns and made up mops are now available in a variety of forms.

• PY Yarn Flat mop in weights of 12oz or 16oz
• Multi-Fold flat mop from Ne3/4 & Ne3/16 in either 12oz or 16oz
• Multi-Fold flat mops also available with bottom tape
• Twine Loop mops with bottom tapes in 12oz or 16oz
• Twine Flat mops in 12oz or 16oz
• PY Deck mop with metal socket (weight 200gm)
• Bleached Deck mop with metal socket (weight 200gm)
• Please call with your specification as we are also producing Wet mops

(with clips available), Yacht mops, Kentucky mop (tail band available),
Umbrella mop, loop mops (Green available) and Wet mops with mesh.

Ihsan has a fully automated circular knitting line capable of producing various styles

of stockinette and dishcloths and an automatic overlocking machine for
manufacturing dishcloths. Ihsan also have warp and weft machines for other styles

of dishcloths and floor cloths. They manufacture the whole product from start to

finish (fibre to product) in house this means we can ensure excellent consistent

quality and favourable lead times.

Ihsan are British Retail Consortium (BRC) accredited, SEDEX Registered and offer a

fully tailored package including fully assembled products ready for the retailer’s

shelf. The types of products available are:

• Ecru stockinette in a variety of counts Ne 6’s – NE 30’s

• Stockinette available in bales and rolls or pre-cut and packaged individually

• Bleached dishcloths from 100% Cotton

• Bleached dishcloths from regenerated yarns of at least 85% cotton.

• Overlocking available to customers specifications

• Floorcloths

We can supply an extensive range of seamless knitted gloves

made to order from Ihsan Sons. The majority of the gloves
are exported to America, Germany and Japan and we have
more recently moved into the UK market.

We can provide gloves to the CE standard from our ISO9002
suppliers, with PVC Coatings of Criss-Cross, Dots and other
different shapes.

We also have a dipped line for Nitrile Gloves. Facilities are available to put your company LOGO marked onto the glove. Gloves are packaged to your specification and we can supply them with cardboard hangers for the consumer market.

Gloves are sold in 20 foot containers.

The typical applications of this material are bleaching, coarse

spinning, felt, security paper and the bedding industry.